Elegance Technologies helps clients from various industries solve complex problems, mitigate risks, and become operationally excellent. Some of the industries it serves are:

    • Energy and utilities
    • Hi technology
    • Automotive
    • Telecom
    • Consumer electronics
  • Hardware Development for Embedded Systems Software/Firmware Development for Embedded Systems Product Development
    • Turnkey digital and analog devices • Embedded firmware for digital devices • Product concept and technical consulting s
    • Schematic diagrams • Full board support package (BSP) for Linux and VxWorks. • Assessment of functional and technical requirements
    • Printed Circuit boards • Device drivers • Elaboration of the technical specification
    • Redesign of electronic devices • OS Linux distributions for target platforms • Design and development
    • Reverse engineering of electronic devices • Reverse engineering of electronic devices • Verification and testing
    • BOM cost optimization by considering best fit components. • Embedded application software • Sample production
    • Hardware testing and evaluating services. • Web-oriented control interfaces • Technical support

    • Man power outsourcing, includes the skill set, Application packages,   SAP, .net , Embedded system software and hardware, software testing.

    • Project consulting and consulting towards product life cycle management in the area of embedded system.

    Elegance Technologies delivers the low cost cutting edge technology product in the field of Embedded systems to the customers in Indian market. Elegance Technologies offers Sales, Technical support, Technology & product training and Solutions for in-vehicle network and automation.

         Successful development of embedded devices requires the appropriate use of available components combined with well structured, flexible software and electronics designs. Elegance Technologies selects the right technology to meet the functional needs whilst balancing performance, development time and product cost. Our engineering team has achieved outstanding results, implementing a variety of hard and soft real-time embedded applications to tackle some very demanding requirements.

we provide professional services in the fallowing areas:

• Operating Systems: Embedded Linux (RTLinux, Monta Vista), Google Android, OSEK, VXworks, Symbion

• Device Drivers, BSPs, Communications Protocols, DSP, Hardware Design, and Telecommunications and Wireless Applications

• Firmware Development: Implementing, porting, testing, debugging and maintaining firmware with assembly language as well as high level languages

• Processors: X86, Power PC, ARM family, micro-controllers, 8 and 16 bit micro-controllers/processors, Motorola Fijitsu, Microchip family, TI, SHARC, TigerSHARC, Blackfin and analog devices DSPs

• Design and development of hardware and software for home networking, network appliances, manufacturing/test devices, set-top-box and audio & video systems

• Windows based application development: VB, VC++ &.Net

• Communication protocols : KWP200, CAN, USB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, WLAN, ISO15765, SAE J2534