About Us

Company Vision:

     Elegance Technologies would like to be a major actor in the Embedded systems Design service industry, dealing with several OEM’s and their Tier 1 suppliers


     Elegance Technologies is committed to deliver high-quality and cost-effective engineering design services to leading edge technology providers.

Our Business


Elegance Technologies Software Development

     Elegance develops embedded software for microprocessors, digital signal processors and microcontrollers. We support various target platforms and architectures: Freescale, Microchip, Fujitsum ARM, XScale, x86, MIPS, PowerPC, TMS320, ADSP/Blackfin, AVR, MSP430

Embedded Software for Digital Devices/Equipment

     Software development for digital microprocessor-controlled systems/solutions (MPU), system-on-chip (SoC), digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU). Usage of embedded operating systems (Linux, eCos), schedulers and real-time OSes (custom RTOS). Software porting from 8-bit/16-bit controllers to 32-bit microprocessors. Implementation of digital signal processing algorithms for digital signal processors

Complete Board Support Package (BSP)

     Preparation of board support packages (BSP), including initial bootloaders (U-Boot, RedBoot), device drivers, protocol stacks, system interfaces (PCI/ISA, I2C/SPI/SSP, Ethernet, LCD STN/TFT, USB, WiFi), memory (NOR/NAND Flash, CF/MMC/SD, FRAM/NVRAM/SRAM, EEPROM, DDR/SDRAM), on-board diagnostic tests, file system images, scripts to build a distribution.

OS Linux Distributions for Target Platforms

     OS Linux distributions for various microprocessor architectures (ARM, XScale, x86, MIPS, PowerPC) and for industrial computers (CompactPCI, PC104/PC104-plus). Distribution optimization for custom solutions: multimedia systems, data storage systems, server routers of the wireless network. Using the RTAI module for real-time systems. bootable Live-CDs of various purposes

Application Software

     Network and multimedia applications. Embedded Web-oriented applications for remote device control and remote object monitoring. Graphical user interfaces for devices with LCD screens. Windows/Linux-client applications for remote control

Diagnostics, tools and utilities

     We develop on board/ remote diagnostics (CAN, KWP2000) for the automotive market, web-based diagnostic tools for process control systems.

Testing and validation services.

     We create test suites for test automation, validation and verification. We also provide testing services like functional testing, load testing, technology testing, regression testing and integration testing

Android Platform Software Development

     We develop applications on Android platform apart from porting the Android OS on to the custom boards